VIDEOGRAPHER (Volunteers/Interns)

Looking for volunteers to create high quality short videos (1-3 min) about various aspects of OPIRG McMaster. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: work with Coordinator of Volunteers to arrange interviews and/or attend OPIRG events. Record, edit and prepare video for sharing on OPIRG McMaster’s social media sites (Youtube).

Three special series

ONE WITH OPIRG: this series of videos focuses on our volunteer working groups. The goal is a ONE MINUTE VIDEO that features interviews with individual working group spokespeople, and uses still images and/or video of the group members in action. Examples from our pilot can be found at -

​MINUTES FROM MAC: this series will focus on the nearby natural places that students can get to by bus, bike or hike. Arrange with Coordinator of Volunteers who can act as a guide, or provide other support.

OPIRG AND YOU: this series will feature short videos (-5 min) on aspects of OPIRG beside working groups, including our general volunteers in action, events, guest speakers, our resource library, button-maker, profiles on student staff, staff, our board of directors, summer projects like the street tree project, groups we support, etc. Arrange through Coordinator of Volunteers.

street tree project being filmed by Cable 14

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