About OPIRG McMaster

Welcome to OPIRG McMaster! 

OPIRG McMaster's Mission is to empower students and community in exchanging ideas and taking action on diverse social justice and environmental issues by connecting individuals, groups, organizations, and resources.
Our vision is to engage, inspire, and empower all to achieve positive change through grassroots initiatives.
Our values are Consensus, Environmental Responsibility, Anti-oppression, empowerment, creativity and innovation, and equity and inclusivity

OPIRG's full legal name is the Ontario Public Interest Research Group McMaster.

Volunteer with OPIRG!  

OPIRG is a volunteer driven organization. There are plenty of ways students and community can become active citizens through OPIRG.

OPIRG organizes around issues of concern in volunteer working groups and we take applications for new and returning groups each year.

Each working group is unique, but they all use consensus decision-making and anti-oppression principles. OPIRG provides free training workshops each term to assist students with developing these skills.

Working Groups are open to anyone interested in becoming active on important local and international issues. 

We also put volunteers to work on a wide range of tasks and responsibilities through our volunteer program. Volunteers are encouraged to fill out an online Volunteer Form to start the process of making positive contributions to McMaster, Hamilton and beyond.


Besides volunteering, students and community are welcome at all our events. Full-time undergraduates and paid Community Members can access the OPIRG resource library in our office in the McMaster University Student Centre, room 229; periodicals, books and videos available for short-term loan.

Or check out our FAQ page to get acquainted with the how OPIRG operates, or to find out how to seek OPIRG support for your initiatives.

OPIRG also accesses funding to hire students to do valuable research and  take action on issues in the public interest. Contact the office to learn more.

OPIRG employs 3 permanent part-time staff to support student engagement.


OPIRG Is represented on important campus and community partnerships that further our connections and allow contributions from our Board, staff and volunteers


  • President Advisory Community on Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC
  • McMaster Anti Violence Network (AVN)
  • McMaster Community Poverty Initiative (MCPI)
  • Soul Food Fair Committee (link)


  • Malhar Group (link) - Staff Contact Shelley Porteous
  • Atzin Community Development (link) - Staff Contact Shelley Porteous
  • Centre3 Rebrand Project (link) - Staff Contact Shelley Porteous
  • Churchill Park Community Garden (link) - Staff Contact Cecilia Irazuzta 
  • Hamilton EcoNet 
  • Actlocally (link)
  • Hamilton Community Foundation annual Living the Environment Conference
  • Restore Cootes: "Lot M" Project - Staff Contact Randy Kay
  • Cootes To Escarpment Stakeholder Advisory Group - Staff Contact Randy Kay
  • Dundas Valley Conservation Area 50 Year Vision Stakeholder - Staff Contact Randy Kay

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