Will OPIRG support our event?

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OPIRG McMaster puts aside funding to support other campus and community initiatives. If you think your event is in line with OPIRG McMaster's principles [visit our support page], and fill out the Request for Support application online. Applications are due by the 15th day of each month.

How do I become a member of OPIRG?

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Full-time McMaster undergraduates are automatically members since they pay a refundable levy of $7.93 from their student fees. Anyone who is not full time at McMaster is welcome to join OPIRG as a “Community Member” for a sliding scale $10-$20 fee.  

Members and Community members can access the resource library, attend workshops for free, vote at our Annual General Meeting, and are eligible to run for the OPIRG McMaster Board of Directors. Community members can also receive a mailed copy of our newsletter PIRGSPECTIVES.

Full Time McMaster undergraduates who do not wish to support OPIRG can receive a full refund by coming to the OPIRG office with their student card within three weeks after the “Drop and Add” period in September. OPIRG will mail a cheque for the full amount to your address.

Can I sign out material from the OPIRG Resource Centre?

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Yes! Full-time McMaster undergrads and paid OPIRG community members are entitled to sign out books, videos, periodicals and files from our lending library. We try to stock items not found in other campus libraries, with a focus on issues relating to OPIRG’s work. We also welcome resource centre purchase suggestions, so if you know of a resource, let us know – it’s your library! 

What is a working group?

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Working groups are semi-autonomous groups of students and community members who organize around specific issues. Working Groups receive funding from the OPIRG office, as well as ongoing support and training. Working Groups use the CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING model to ensure equal access to power within groups, and are expected to take an ANTI-OPPRESSION workshop. 

How do I get involved?

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There are several ways to get involved, why not start by joining our e-mail EVENTS LIST, check out our VOLUNTEER page, attend our EVENTS; and check out material in our RESOURCE CENTRE in MUSC 229. Students and community members can start up or join an existing WORKING GROUP or serve on our BOARD OF DIRECTORS. 

What is OPIRG?

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A dynamic resource centre supporting student and community volunteers, educating and taking action on important social and environmental issues in the public interest, with an emphasis on anti-oppression and consensus.

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